Mass Effect once again

Mass Effect Andromeda is an upcoming RPG adventure from Bioware.Teased since 2012, the new Mass Effect previewed at E3 2015 during the EA press conference and was confirmed for release holiday 2016. 

It’s already confirmed that Andromeda takes place far from the places we’ve become familiar with. So what does Bioware have planned for the new Mass Effect? In 2013 BioWare confirmed that the game will not star Commander Shepard, the main character of the original trilogy of games.

In 2013, Bioware stated that Mass Effect 4 was sharing system tech with Dragon Age: Inquisition. The developers stated that Andromeda was “borrowing a lot of game systems” from Inquisition. Could this indicate the Mass Effect Andromeda will feature a zone-based open world gameplay similar to what users experience through the Inquisition war map? This would more closely mirror the exploratory elements of the first Mass Effect than later installments. The planetary navigation interface hinted at in the trailer could certainly reflect such a feature. Inquisition was a heavily exploratory experience, and early signals are that Andromeda may follow suit.


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